Hey savvies. Welcome back to another episode of the podcast. I’m so happy that you’re here. 

We’re officially back from our mini break that we took from mid-December until now and I’m excited to be back in your earbuds with another jam-packed season. 

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In today’s episode, we’re diving into my 2023 podcast predictions so let’s get started. 

Video will continue to increase in popularity – Not only will video podcasting continue to increase in popularity but I also think more people will be using video in their marketing efforts for their podcast. Over the past few years, images and audiograms haven’t performed as well as they did in the past, especially images. 

Using your episode recording repurposed into enticing clips for reels, shorts, and TikTok has yielded much better results in recent times so I see that continuing to be the case in 2023. 

Even me, self-proclaimed Mrs. I hate video, has started recording all of my episodes on video (including my solo episodes) so that we have that content to easily repurpose it. 

Podcast hosts will continue to introduce new features – We’ve seen this in recent times with Libsyn adding a recording feature built into the platform and I think more podcast hosts will continue adding features to try and keep up with the Joneses. It may not always be features we care to have, but hey – it’s something. 

More products will be marketed towards podcasters  – We have seen an influx of this in recent times with Capsho (an AI tool specifically built for podcasters) and things like Descript coming out to edit audio and video visually so I won’t be surprised if this year we continue to see products marketed specifically for podcasters being released. 

Audio searchability will expand – This is something I have been waiting for ever since starting my own podcast in 2018 and I am hopeful that 2023 is the year that searchability for podcasts really improves because we desperately need it. 

BONUS: Podcast analytics will be more in depth – This is not something I necessarily think will happen in 2023, but it’s something that I have been hoping for years because currently, podcast analytics are pretty basic with Google Analytics.

Now tell me, what are your podcast predictions for 2023? Let me know over on the DMs on Instagram – my handle is podcastingforentrepenurs

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