In this episode, we're chatting all about how to keep your podcast listeners coming back for more.

Podcasting is such a great medium and I can’t imagine not having it in my life. My guest today, Andrea, is a Social Media Strategist who helps businesses and podcasters build social media strategies that work for them. She started her podcast last June but has been working with podcasters for quite a few years. She loves having a podcast because she doesn’t have to put on makeup in order to share her expertise in an organic and authentic way. That is something we have in common. It’s great because you can plan it around your lifestyle and make it work for you.

What I share about in this episode:

  • Why she started her podcast in the first place
  • How podcasting gives you a chance to add your own flair
  • What format she uses to release solo and interview-style episodes
  • What things help her stay ahead and on top of her podcast
  • What she does when she isn’t feeling inspired for topics or recording episodes
  • What is working best, as well as what is not working, in her podcast right now
  • How podcasting helps her be consistent in sharing her expertise with her audience
  • Where she is getting her listeners from, how she gets them to stick around until the end of the episode, and how she gets them to come back for more
  • How she converts her listeners into clients

Links mentioned:

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