Burnout is one of the worst feelings you can feel as a business owner and one that almost 100% of us feel at some point. My guest, Chelsea B. Foster wants to teach everyone how to prevent burnout to reduce the amount of time they spend feeling burnt out and focus on how they can live their dream life today. She does that through coaching, mindset work, group activities, and free education. She has experienced burnout many times, but three major times in her life. One of those was a time where she didn’t even realize it was happening until she was removed from the situation and noticed what a difference that made. Learn how you can create a streamlined podcast guest process and start making podcasting easy today. 

What we share about in this episode:

  • How podcasting actually helps Chelsea write blog posts
  • How she brings stories in to help her audience
  • How long she has been podcasting for and how often she puts out new episodes
  • What she feels is working best for her podcast right now and what she wishes she had done better in the past
  • Where she currently finds her listeners and how she keeps them coming back for more each week
  • The difference in analytics and how they’re presented on two different platforms
  • How she converts her listeners into clients or customers
  • Her two favorite tools for her business
  • Why she doesn’t really listen to other podcasts very often, but what she listens to instead

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