Batch recording your podcast episodes can make things easier on you and more organized. I just started doing batch recording weeks for my podcast and it is nice to have a week or two for only recording. My guest today, Tasha Booth, was looking for a way to have some longer form content in a way that felt really organic for her and that was podcasting. She has a podcast called How She Did That that she started last October. She also utilizes batch recording for her podcast.

What we share about in this episode:

  • Why Tasha started podcasting
  • How podcasting helps her in other ways too
  • What kind of format she uses in her podcast when it comes to solo or interview style, and why her format is slightly different
  • How often she puts out new episodes
  • What she feels is working best in her podcast right now and how it ties into helping her guests
  • Her biggest failure with her podcast and how she learned from it
  • Where she finds she’s getting her listeners from and how she retains them
  • How she converts her listeners into clients
  • Her favorite tool that she uses in her business

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How She Did That Podcast