I had my favorite person in the universe, Lindsey Aleson, on the show today. She is a graphic and web designer at Blog Me Lovely.  She works with female entrepreneurs looking to stand out online by taking care of their website and all of their digital product needs. I have a second business with her and we are the co-founders of Uplevel Your Biz. We are talking all about the ins and outs of our Uplevel Your Biz podcast today, where we primarily focus on summits and education.

What we share about in this episode:


  • Why we started our podcast
  • Our solo and guest episode format
  • What’s working in our podcast right now
  • The failures in our podcast and what we’ve learned from it
  • Where we think our listeners are coming from and how we keep them coming back
  • How we convert our listeners into leads
  • Her favorite tool in her business and how it helps her connect with people

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