Today’s episode is a pretty quick episode for people who haven’t launched their podcast yet, but are planning to launch soon. I am sharing the top 4 distribution channels that you need to be on as a podcaster. Obviously, there are more than these 4, but these are non-negotiable when you’re first launching your podcast.

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What  I share about in this episode:

  • The go-to podcast app for iPhone customers
  • The go-to podcast app for people who don’t have an Apple device
  • The two other popular platforms that people listen to podcasts on
  • A little about what the approval process is like for these four platforms
  • Which platforms are the easiest to apply to, and which may take longer to get approved
  • Why you need to apply to these four platforms first
  • My Podcast Launch Toolkit tutorial course that can walk you through submitting to these platforms and launching your podcast

Links mentioned:

Podcast Launch Toolkit

Savvy Podcasting for Female Entrepreneurs