My guest today, Linsi Brownson, loves podcasting because it helps her feel more connected to the person, both as a listener and as a podcaster. She likes to get to know business owners and talk about their experience as an entrepreneur on her Spark+Victory Podcast. She is a business coach who helps small business owners get unstuck and get fired up about their business again. She helps them step back and examine the big picture, find clarity, and solve the problem from its roots.

What we share about in this episode:

  • Why she started her podcast and how long she’s been podcasting
  • How her why shapes the format of her seasons and episodes
  • How often she puts out new episodes
  • The failures she has faced with her podcast and what she learned from them
  • Where she feels her listeners are finding her podcast
  • Two ways she converts her listeners into clients or leads
  • Her strategy for keeping her listeners coming back for more each week
  • Her favorite tool for her business and podcast
  • Her two current favorite podcasts to listen to

Links mentioned:

Spark+Victory Podcast