My guest today, Majesta Patterson, made it onto the New & Noteworthy on Apple Podcasts when she first started her podcast. She is here to talk about what she did and how she did it. She has been a wedding and family photographer for the past eight years and recently pivoted in her business to help mom entrepreneurs with their business strategy and to create more time and space for raising their families and working on the work that actually matters to them again.

She started her podcast, called Can I Take You to Coffee?, in March of this year. She is using it as an avenue to share business insights and interview other mom entrepreneurs to hear their wisdom and pick their brains a little bit. I love that it is specific to mom entrepreneurs, rather than about business in general.

What we share about in this episode:

  • What format she uses for her interview and solo episodes
  • How often she releases new episodes and how that usually changes during a launch
  • What she believes helped her get on New & Noteworthy when she first started out
  • The strategies she used to spread the word about her podcast
  • A few things that she feels are working best in her podcast right now
  • What she has struggled with when it comes to her podcast and how she learned from those struggles
  • Where she believes her listeners are coming from, how she keeps them coming back each week, and some things you can implement in your own podcast
  • How she converts her listeners into leads or customers/clients
  • Her favorite tool in her business
  • Her current favorite podcast

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