My guest today, Dia Darling, has a podcast called Creatives Crushing Anxiety. She started her blog as an outlet in 2015 because she missed writing. It slowly evolved over time and turned into a business and a podcast. In her business, All The Things I Do, she does project management and online business management for entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, and authors.

Dia and I actually went to the same college, but didn’t know each other there. Now, we work together as subcontractors and talk every day. It’s kinda funny how everything came full circle for us and I’m so excited to have her on my show!

What we share about in this episode:

  • Why she started her podcast and how long she has been doing it for
  • How she loves podcasting as a consumer and as a podcaster
  • Her current podcast format when it comes to interviews and solo episodes
  • Her take on getting into an ‘interviewer mode’ when all episodes are interview style
  • How often she puts out new episodes
  • What is working best in her podcast right now
  • One thing she has struggled with when it comes to her podcast
  • Where she finds she is getting her listeners from, and how she keeps them coming back and wanting more
  • How she converts her listeners to clients or customers
  • Her favorite tool in her business, plus a resource for transcribing your podcast episodes

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