In today's episode, you'll learn how to leverage your podcast in a niche market.

The people you’re targeting are very busy, and reading a blog isn’t always something they can sit down and do. Listening to a podcast is more attainable. My guest today, Stephanie Clairmont, has a really niche market. She is a registered dietician by trade who worked clinically for a few years before starting her own business to help people with digestive health issues. Since 2011, she has been helping people online who have IBS as well as doing workshops for professionals with her business, the Leveraged Practice. She teaches health practitioners and clinicians how to create an online program for their practice, based on her own experiences, research, and best practices she has learned along the way. I remember when she started her podcast earlier this year and how she has grown since then.

What we share about in this episode:

  • How long she has been podcasting for
  • About the three phases of podcasting
  • Her format when it comes to interview vs. solo episodes
  • How often she releases new episodes
  • How she repurposes her podcast for other content
  • What she feels is working best in her podcast and what challenges she has with it
  • Where she finds she is getting her listeners from and how she gets a lot of them from her existing audience
  • What she is doing to turn her listeners into clients or customers
  • How she keeps her listeners coming back for more
  • Her favorite business and podcast tools

Links mentioned:

Website and Podcast