I loved watching my guest today, Brit Kolo, evolve from her Marketing in Yoga Pants podcast to her Marketing Personalities podcast. We both made pivots with our podcasts. I find it interesting to see who sticks around and who decides it isn’t for them. Brit is the founder of Marketing Personalities, which is a website that you can go to to find out what your best marketing strategy is based on your Myers-Briggs personality type. Her mantra is that “When I feel good, my audience feels good.” She loves working on getting her audience to believe that their audience naturally will be attracted to that so that they can apply it to their marketing strategy.

What we share about in this episode:

  • How she has been working in more solo episodes to complement her interview episodes
  • How often she releases new episodes and what her secret is to releasing new episodes consistently
  • What is working best in her podcast right now
  • Her method to get people listening to her podcast episodes throughout the week, instead of only on the day a new one is released
  • One thing she feels she could have done differently with her podcast
  • Bullets she feels she has dodged with her podcast
  • Where she finds that she is currently getting her listeners from and how she keeps them coming back for more
  • How she turns her listeners into clients or customers
  • Her favorite tools in her business
  • Her current favorite podcast

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