The Twenty Fun podcast is designed to help navigate the journey from adolescence into adulthood! We have conversations about hot topics people in their twenties are going through, all while keeping it twenty fun!

In this episode, Laura Beth, Rebecca and I dive deep into why listening to your listeners wants and needs is so important.

What we share about in this episode:

  • How long Laura Beth & Rebecca have been podcasting
  • How often they release new episodes and what their secret is to releasing new episodes consistently
  • The format of their show
  • What is working best in their podcast right now
  • What improvements they can make with their podcast in the future
  • Why having an editor for your podcast is so key
  • Where they find they are currently getting their listeners from and how they keep them coming back for more
  • How to build a community around your podcast
  • How Laura Beth & Rebecca retain listenership to their show
  • Their current favorite podcasts

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