Natasha Mitchell is the Founder of Inspire & Drive, Creator of the S.I.M.P.L.E Business Method ™ and is a #1 International Best Selling Author.
She is a business strategy and efficiency expert who helps Creative business owners scale with ease and without a big team or a big budget. She believes in keeping business S.I.M.P.L.E ™ and helps entrepreneurs map out a custom path to success that is aligned with their ideal life.
She has appeared as a guest on multiple podcasts, summits, and webinars, has her own youtube channel and is the host of Your Business Without Borders podcast.

What we share about in this episode:

  • How long Natasha has been podcasting 
  • How often she releases new episodes and what her secret is to releasing new episodes consistently
  • Why Natasha decided to do seasons for her podcast
  • What is working best in her podcast right now
  • A few things she feels she could have done better with her podcast
  • Where she finds that she is currently getting her listeners from and how she keeps them coming back for more
  • How she turns her listeners into customers
  • How Natasha retains listenership to her show
  • Natasha’s best piece of advice for those just getting started with podcasting
  • Her current favorite podcast

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