In today’s quick episode, I’m going to be discussing some of the best tools for podcasters. Being a podcaster, you’ll need certain tools in your toolbox and these are some of my best recommendations.  

Blue Yeti Mic  // This mic is relatively inexpensive and still really good quality. As a new podcaster, you do need quality equipment but it’s important to not break the bank at first, especially because at this point you’re unsure of your commitment level at this point.

Headphones // Your Apple headphones should be enough in this case but make sure you’re not just using the mic that comes with your headphones. 

Zoom // Zoom is my favorite tool for recording both solo and guest episodes. It’s free for unlimited time for up to 2 people and 3 or more people you can record for up to 40 minutes on the free plan. I personally pay for Zoom as I have a second podcast with a cohost where we interview a guest typically so we need to have the paid plan. 

Audacity – My favorite tool for editing on a PC is Audacity. There are plenty of amazing options out there like Garage Band and Adobe Audition for you guys to check out as well. 

Acuity Scheduling – Acuity is my all-time favorite appointment scheduling tool. It makes scheduling with your guests and collecting their headshot, bio, and social media links so much easier. Eliminating the back and forth is key as a busy entrepreneur. 

Airtable – Airtable is my favorite tool for managing your podcast workflow. I use it in conjunction with my project management tool which we’ll talk more about next. Airtable is basically like Google Sheets on steroids and a total essential for managing your podcast.

ClickUp – ClickUp is my favorite tool for managing your podcast projects and tasks and all other facets of your business. I use this hand-in-hand with Airtable and it is such a seamless process. 

Canva – Canva makes creating graphics so easy and I recommend it to everyone. 

Google Drive // Google Drive is the central hub of my business so it’s definitely a huge part of my podcast process as well. 

ConvertKit  // I believe that all podcasters need an email marketing tool and my tool of choice is ConvertKit. You can get a free trial by using my link to check it out for yourself and see if it’s the best tool for you and your business.

Now tell me, what’s your favorite tool that you use for your podcast? 

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