In today’s episode, I’m chatting about how to overcome your fears of starting a podcast as an introvert. 

If you guys have been following along for awhile, you probably realized that I am definitely no extrovert. 

Starting my podcast back in January 2018 was definitely scary for me because I didn’t know how it was going to go. I ended up recording my very first podcast interview with a guest for my show and for their show on the same day and to tell you I was super nervous to do so was a complete understatement. 

But you know what? I ended up having a total blast with both opportunities and now interviewing people for my show and sharing my expertise on other shows is one of my absolute favorite things…and I would have never known that if I didn’t take a leap of faith and start my own podcast. 

So to my fellow introverts out there, I see you and hear you. It’s definitely no easy feat but if it’s something you’re wanting to do, then you shouldn’t let fear hold you back.

I wanted to share some quick tips on how to start a podcast if the main thing holding you back is fear, especially if you’re an introvert. 


Test out your equipment beforehand // 


This is something you should do whether you’re an introvert or not, but testing your tech helps ease any fears about your mic glitching out or Zoom not being set up properly. 

When I first started my show, I did some test recordings beforehand not only to make sure my equipment was set up properly but also to make sure I felt comfortable behind the mic.

Create an outline for your episodes //
When I first started my podcast and even now for my solo episodes, I created an outline to follow for my episodes to make sure I stay on track and don’t go off on random tangents.

For my guest episodes, I have a set of questions that I send my guest so that they feel prepared and I stick to those for the most part. Sometimes I’ll throw in random questions depending on how the conversation goes because I don’t want my show to feel forced and scripted but it eases both the guest and I’s mind to have an idea of what we’re discussing beforehand.

Interview your peers first if possible // 

If you have an interview-style podcast, then you may want to interview your peers first. Those interviews will be a lot more comfortable for you since you’re familiar with the interviewee and allows you to get your feet wet as an interviewer.

Interviewing someone you’ve never chatted with is a lot more intimidating so work your way up to that if you can.


Just go for it // 


My number one piece of advice for starting a podcast, whether you’re an introvert or not, is to just go for it and make it happen. 

Don’t let fear paralyze you from taking the next step. Podcasting is such a great way to share your knowledge with your audience and a lot less intimidating than video.

Ready to start your podcast but don’t know where to begin? I can help! Book your free 15-minute consult call with me and we can dive deep into what’s holding you back from starting your show. You can go here  to book your call with me. I can’t wait to chat with you.

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