What we share about in this episode:

  • How long Angie has been podcasting
  • How often she releases new episodes
  • What some of the components of a good pitch are
  • How to pitch with value when sending pitches to podcasters
  • What you shouldn’t include in your podcast pitch
  • What types of subject lines we should include with our pitch
  • Why perfecting the follow up is key to getting your pitches accepted
  • Why being more specific with your pitch is essential
  • Why Angie decided to start her podcast
  • What Angie feels she has done really well with her podcast
  • One thing Angie thinks she could improve with her podcast
  • How to authentically promote yourself throughout your episodes
  • How Angie uses her podcast to get clients into her business
  • How Angie keeps her listeners coming back for more
  • Angie’s best piece of advice for those just getting started with podcasting
  • Her current favorite podcast

Resources Mentioned:

Break the Ceiling Podcast 

Go Pitch Yourself Podcast