In today’s episode, we’re going to be chatting about how to effectively market your podcast when you have a small following.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to have a huge following to have a podcast that gets a lot of downloads. 

There are a few key things I want to share with you on how to get more eyes and ears on your podcast without already having a huge audience.

Leverage your guest’s audiences // A big part of having guests on your podcast is being able to tap into their audience when they share your episode with their followers. I have found that my guest episodes are typically more downloaded than my solo episodes and I attribute this to my guest helping me promote the episode so I’m able to get in front of more people. 

Be creative with social media // I don’t have a huge following on social media but just by being active on my podcast Instagram, I have been able to reach new people that I probably wouldn’t have if I didn’t use my podcast Instagram strategically. 

Use Pinterest // Pinterest has been a total game-changer for growing my podcast. With Pinterest, it doesn’t matter how many followers you have – you can grow your podcast just by leading people back to your shownotes on your website and then if they like what they hear, then they will become loyal subscribers to your show. 

Work on your SEO game // Having a good SEO strategy can help drive more traffic to your podcast. This is not something that is a quick win by any means but it can be super beneficial in the long run. 

Be a guest on other people’s podcasts // Being a guest on other people’s podcasts has been one of the biggest ways I have grown my own downloads for my podcast. I always mention my podcast when I’m other people’s podcasts and tend to see an increase in my own downloads when I’m on other people’s shows so it’s a big part of my overall visibility strategy. 

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