Hey Savvies! Welcome back to another solo episode of the podcast. In today’s episode, I am going to be chatting about how podcasting has made me a more confident business owner. 

Weird statement to make, right? Well, it definitely is true for me. 

I have always been an introvert. Not like super introverted, but I definitely need my alone time to decompress. I also used to be terrified of public speaking. I would be up all night worrying about what could before every presentation in speech class in high school and college.  To top it off, I was a communication major in college, so I had even more speech classes.  

The last thing you would think someone like me would do is start a podcast but I did just that back in January 2018 and never looked back. I have been podcasting two and a half years now and my passion has grown since starting. 

  • Having my podcast allowed me to not only build a community with online entrepreneurs that I may have never met otherwise but it also allowed me to become more confident both personally and professionally.
  • Although I am still not the type to be super amped about public speaking, it also doesn’t scare me as much as it used to.
  • In fact, a few months after I started my podcast, I spoke at a conference in front of 150 women and although it was super scary, I can’t imagine having done that pre-podcast. I decided to take a leap of faith and do it and now I feel like I am even more confident.  
  • Having my own podcast and interviewing guests has made it so much easier for me to feel confident showing up in my business whether that’s on Instagram Stories, Facebook Live, or on other people’s podcasts.
  • Because it has elevated my confidence in my business so much, I now hop on sales calls with ease, which was once something that I didn’t feel super comfortable with. 
  • If anything, starting a podcast has made me a better business owner because I am able to do those hard things that I never thought I would be able to. 

So if you’re been wanting to start your own podcast then I challenge you to take the time and map out your plan now. Now is the time! 

And if you’re struggling with even knowing where to begin with podcasting, I can help. Head here and book your free call with me today. I can’t wait to hear from you! 

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