Today I am chatting with Carley Zuercher from CZ Invitations, LLC, and Twocan, LLC. Carley is a serial entrepreneur who owns three businesses.  When she is not making invitations for her stationery business, she is coaching creative entrepreneurs who are ready to make money and start working smarter, not harder.   Carley is sharing about her podcast “The Tipsy Business Podcast.”  We talk about how to take inspired action specifically with your podcast. Are you ready to learn more about taking inspired action?

What We Discuss In This Episode:

  • Carley share’s about her businesses and podcast.  
  • Multiple business ventures
  • What made you want to start your podcast?
  • Inspired action is the best action.
  • Solo episodes vs. interview episodes
  • What is working really well on your podcast?
  • Repurposing course content for the podcast 
  • Creating systems and processes for editing and uploading
  • Stick to a routine and doing what works     
  • Finding guests and promoting on Instagram 
  • Converting listeners to clients by showing up as yourself
  • Offering a special discount or freebie for podcast listeners  
  • Carley’s audience really likes to learn about Pinterest and Etsy. 
  • She takes the questions she gets and turns them into podcast episodes.
  • Talk about what you are excited and passionate about
  • Carley’s podcast advice is to do some research and just start.
  • When it feels right take the inspired action and just do it.  
  • Building an audience takes time 
  • Give it a shot and do it scared!
  • Carley’s current favorite podcasts

Guest Bio: 

Carley Zuercher the Owner of CZ Invitations, LLC which she owns with my mom. They make high-quality hand made wedding invitations that they ship worldwide. Carley is co-owner and founder of Twocan, LLC, where she helps creative entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. She started another business with her biz bestie to launch a digital product called The Client Bundle, which is a comprehensive resource for creative entrepreneurs based around the questions we get asked most often “where do we find clients.” She is the Host of the Tipsy Business Podcast where they drink and talk about biz. And last Carley is a certified Magnetic Coach! She is certified in NLP, EFT, life and success coaching, hypnosis, and time techniques. 


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