Why Listening to Your Intuition with Your Podcast is Key with Cassandra Shuck

Today I am chatting with Cassandra Shuck of the Stacked Against Podcast. Cassandra is a business growth and profitability expert. She helps female entrepreneurs unlock their highest potential. In this episode, we talk about why listening to your intuition with your podcast is super crucial. 

In This Episode:

  • Cassandra shares about herself and her podcast.  
  • She changed her podcast, but it didn’t work out and she switched back to her original idea.
  • Don’t follow the crowd, follow your intuition for what works best for you.
  • She has been podcasting over 2 years now.  
  • Her podcast is interview style and comes out bi-monthly.
  • She had another podcaster interview her for her own show.  
  • She may expand to weekly down the road.
  • There is not one right way to podcast. 
  • Doing an intro before you dive into the interview prepares the listener.
  • Using social media to get listeners interested  
  • Weigh all the factors before switching your direction.
  • She recommends a proper launch strategy. 
  • Her listeners mostly come from her social media and email list.
  • Sharing previous podcasts episodes in published articles
  • Turning listeners into clients and customers
  • She shares her services and live events on her podcast.
  • Differences in male-dominated vs. female-dominated podcasts
  • Upfront sharing and call to actions
  • Trial and Error
  • Listeners keep coming back to hear more stories 
  • She loves her listeners to know they are not alone. 
  • Include golden nuggets of information in each episode.
  • Follow your intuition with your podcast.
  • Cassandra’s favorite tool is Trello.
  • Cassandra’s current favorite podcasts
  • Jenny shares her current favorite podcasts too.

Guest Bio: Cassandra’s always been good at “the hustle.” From a young age, Cassandra cultivated the belief that she had to be self- sufficient to succeed. This helped her escape from a turbulent upbringing in a household stricken with abuse. Cassandra’s entrepreneurial endeavors taught her first hand how trauma can manifest in different ways; self-sabotaging, doubting your intuition, white-knuckle control, and even, perfectionism. Despite these challenges, she was able to create and grow multiple successful businesses including Tola Marketing + Creative and Milkin’ Cookie, from the ground up. She’s discovered what it truly takes to leverage trauma and define a new level of income, impact, and fulfillment. Through her experience helping women in some of the most meaningful times of their lives, as a birth doula, she realized the power of women working together. In her current role as a business growth and profitability expert, Cassandra helps female entrepreneurs unlock their highest potential. She approaches each client and project with a fresh perspective, innovation, and curiosity.

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