Why You Should Have Shownotes for Your Podcast

Hey Savvies! In today’s quick episode, we’re talking all about shownotes. I talk about what they are, why they’re important, where to put them, and more.

In this episode: 

  • Podcast shownotes are written content that accompanies your podcast episodes. They include things like links mentioned, guest bios, social media links, and other calls to action.
  • Shownotes allow your audience to dive deeper into the content with you so I highly recommend you have them handy for your audience.
  • You’ll have to include an episode description with your uploads so I like to encourage people to put some form of their shownotes here.
  • I think having a website that houses your shownotes among other things is definitely important.
  • I highly recommend at least linking the important links and calls to action within your episode description in your podcast host so that your listeners can easily follow you on social media, grab your freebies, and start converting from listeners to leads.

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