Today I am chatting with Kelly Glover of The Talent Squad. Kelly is the founder of The Talent Squad, a podcast guest booking agency. Kelly books podcast tours for entrepreneurs and authors so they can build brand equity. She is driven by the core belief that your personal brand is your most valuable asset In this episode, we talk about how to be a great podcast guest.

What We Discuss In This Episode:

  • Kelly shares about herself and her podcasting experience.  She has been in podcasting for 13 years.
  • Being a guest on a podcast is similar to being a guest at someone’s party. 
  • Being a guest positions you as an expert and builds your authority, reputation, and influence. It also strengthens your personal brand.
  • There are benefits of being a host and a guest.
  • Podcasting is a positioning play.  The monetary ROI is typically long term. The ROI is typically getting new listeners onto your list so you can build a relationship with them.
  • Podcasting is education entertainment with practical information.
  • The best podcast guest can teach something and have practical examples and stories that the audience can learn from. You are on the podcast to teach and share your expertise with the audience.
  • Podcasts can expedite the know, like, and trust factor. 
  • Practice speaking and interview skills in private before you go public.    
  • Podcasts can be a great option for introverts because it is one on one with the host. 
  • She highly suggests to have a microphone and headphone, but that is all you really need. You can sound good for less than one hundred dollars. 
  • Being a guest on a podcast gets you in front of a niche audience. 
  • You can start by guesting on smaller podcasts and work your way up. 
  • It starts with a great pitch.  
  • As a guest, it is important to have great energy, be prepared, knowing the audience, and give all the value you can. Promote the episode after it goes live. 
  • It is beneficial to space out promotions over many weeks instead of just promoting the show for one day. 
  • Start by getting your systems in place for tracking your guest appearances. 
  • It is super important to have a follow-up system. Be professionally persistent. 
  • Your podcast topic should be complementary to the other topics they have on their show.
  • It is important to listen and be familiar with a show before you decide to pitch to that show.
  • Start at the beginning and look at your personal brand. Having your personal brand in place and consistent is hugely important. 
  • In your pitch, you need to talk about the audience and the value you can provide to them.
  • You’re not building a personal brand.  You already have one.  It is unpacking who you are, identifying who you are, and getting the elements in place that reflect it.
  • Kelly’s current favorite podcasts

Guest Bio: 

Kelly Glover books podcast tours for entrepreneurs so they can build brand equity. As the founder of The Talent Squad, Kelly is driven by the core belief that your personal brand is your most valuable asset. Kelly is a natural energizer obsessed with booking podcast interviews for her clients enabling them to deliver incredible value to audiences, build relationships with hosts, and increase credibility, authority, visibility, and influence. In 2007 Kelly released her first podcast but it wasn’t until 2014 that she finally made the transition from commercial radio host to podcast guest booking agent. Then in 2017, Kelly was faced with a “Jerry Maguire Moment”, and with just a single client and one team member launched her podcast guest booking agency, The Talent Squad. Kelly splits her time between Los Angeles, New York, and Sydney.

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