Hey savvies! Welcome back to another episode of Savvy Podcasting for Entrepreneurs. I am so happy that you’re here. In today’s quick episode, we’re going to be talking all about why your podcast needs to have a CTA or a Call to Action.

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  • A call to action is when you tell your listener to take some sort of action. This can be as simple as telling them to DM you on Instagram with their biggest takeaway from the episode.
  • For this podcast, I typically have one main CTA of having people download one of three freebies that I share.
  • In every single outro of my episodes, I also let people know about my free Facebook group specifically for podcasters and prompt them to join the group and engage in conversation with me and all of the other group members. 
  • Because podcasting is kind of a one-way street it’s important to direct people to somewhere else so that you can have a one on one conversation with them.
  • So send them to your free Facebook group, to DM you on Instagram, to download one of your freebies, to watch a free masterclass. Whatever action that will have the most impact on them and allow you to convert your listeners directly into leads.

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