Today I am chatting with Chris Hines of Podcasting is Branding. Since 2015 he’s been hosting, producing, and managing podcasts. Now Chris owns the Elite Podcast Marketing Agency.  In this episode, we are talking about how to build your brand with a podcast. 

What We Discuss In This Episode:

  • Chris shares about himself and his business. 
  • You do not need expensive equipment to start podcasting.  You need a plan to start podcasting.  
  • Your plan should include why you want to start a podcast, who do you want to reach, and what are you podcasting for.  
  • Figuring out what to tell the search engines and where is the secret to podcasting SEO and growing your audience through search.   
  • You and your audience will appreciate your growth journey. 
  • The long term vision is more important than what you are recording your podcast with.  
  • Branding and podcasting work together perfectly.  You can’t have a great podcast if you don’t have a great brand. 
  • Branding for podcasters is just about direction.  Where are you going?
  • When you have your direction outlined, it is easier to bring people in that agree with your idea.
  • It is better to start a show when you don’t have a following because you will take it more seriously and put in more effort.  
  • A podcast can help you grow a small following to a bigger following.    
  • Be consistent and persistent in what you create. The first 90 days is crucial.  
  • Patience is so important for podcasters.  
  • Content is something businesses should be using as a brand pillar.
  • Podcasting takes persistence and planning.  The long term strategy for podcasting is profitable right now.   
  • Start producing seasons and batch recording episodes and marketing content. 
  • Podcast hosts need to invest in themselves and learn how to be a professional. 
  • Chris shares about his upcoming software, podcast planner, book, and his course.

Guest Bio: 

Christopher Hines is host of Podcasting is Branding and the top podcast expert for businesses and personal brands. Since 2015 he’s been hosting, producing, and managing podcasts. Now Chris owns the Elite Podcast Marketing Agency, where podcasters go to learn more and monetize their content. As a podcast producer and manager, Chris has generated over $20k through sponsorships and over 50,000 downloads on multiple podcasts.

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