Hey Savvies! Welcome back to another episode of Savvy Podcasting for Entrepreneurs. In today’s episode, we’re chatting all about how to avoid burnout as a podcaster because if you’re not careful, it can definitely happen. 

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In today’s episode, I wanted to chat a little about how to avoid burnout as a podcaster.

  • One of the best ways to prevent burnout as a podcaster is by batching. This is something I covered extensively in episode 178 of the podcast. 
  • Batching really helps you be more productive with not only your podcast but your life in general. With batching you can sit down and record a bunch of episodes so that you’re not rushing around trying to record and do all the other tasks last minute. 
  • Batching helps reduce overwhelm and usually when we get overwhelmed with something, that’s when we fall off the wagon so being proactive with podcasting will help so much in the long run.
  • Another way to avoid burnout with your podcast is to outsource the elements of podcasting that are draining you. Maybe that’s editing, writing your shownotes, or marketing your episodes. Maybe the only thing you like doing with your podcast is recording the episodes.
  • If outsourcing just one element of your show helps keep you on track, then it is worth it.
  • If you don’t have a huge budget and still want to outsource, I recommend just outsourcing the thing that trips you up the most when it comes to podcasting first. For most people, that’s the editing.
  • Find an editor or a podcast manager that can help you take some tasks off your plate and you’ll be feeling more refreshed in no time.
  • Now being consistent with podcasting is very important but if releasing a new episode one week is going to be detrimental to your health or impact your family, then skipping one week is completely okay.

And if you’re struggling with even knowing where to begin with podcasting, I can help. Head here and book your free call with me today. I can’t wait to hear from you! 

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