Hey savvies! Welcome back to another episode of Savvy Podcasting for Entrepreneurs. Last week I took the week off from releasing new episodes due to the Profitable Podcast Summit that I hosted. I had such a great time hosting my first solo summit and can’t wait for round 2 in February 2022.

Before we dive into the episode, I wanted to tell you a little bit about my new masterclass, How to Monetize Your Podcast without Relying on Ad Sponsorships. In this free class, I teach my 3-step Listeners to Leads Framework so that you can learn how to monetize your podcast from day one without having to worry about how many downloads each episode is getting. 

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Making money from our podcasts is the ultimate dream, right? We put in all of this time and effort and deserve to be compensated for that but if your only goal of podcasting is to make a profit then you might want to reconsider starting a podcast.

When people think of podcast monetization, typically they’re thinking of ad sponsorships and while ad sponsorships can be amazing for those that get high downloads or have a super niche audience, it is not lucrative for the majority of podcasters out there.

Ad sponsorships typically pay around $15-25 per episode with podcasts that receive 1,000 downloads per episode within the first 30 days of the episode airing. 

In the grand scheme of things, that is just not a ton of money for all the time and effort that we put into our podcasts. It can pay for your hosting and maybe some other monthly expenses associated with podcasting, but is $100/month on the higher end really worth sacrificing your integrity for? I’ll let you decide.

But don’t fret – there are better ways to monetize. Affiliate marketing and selling your own products and services can be more profitable than running random sponsored ad segments.

I teach my all-time favorite way of monetizing your podcast as an entrepreneur in the free masterclass I mentioned earlier so if that’s something you’re interested in, make sure to sign up for the free class here

Also, before I forget, I’m starting this new thing where I’ll be hosting a Podcasting Happy Hour on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm CST // 8:30 pm EST so if you guys want to join me head on over the ClubHouse app and follow me @jennysuneson and we can chat every Wednesday evening on ClubHouse. I can’t wait to see you there!

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