Hey savvies! Welcome back to another episode of Savvy Podcasting for Entrepreneurs. 

A question that aspiring podcasters always ask me is “do I really need a website for my podcast” so today I’ll be answering that question and sharing my thoughts on if having a website for your podcast is necessary or not. 

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Okay now back to the episode. 

So my answer to this question is simple. Yes, I definitely recommend having a website for your podcast but it does not need to be a website that is specific to your podcast. 

You can include it on your regular website if your podcast is directly related to what you’re selling in your business. 

I personally have a separate website for my podcast to make things easier but you definitely don’t need to have a totally separate website if you don’t want to. 

But I will say, it is important to direct your listeners somewhere – whether that is to your regular website or a podcast specific one and let me tell you why…

  1. You get those pageviews and chances are, once the listener is there they will continue to click around and may stumble upon your offers while they’re there 
  2. It is good for SEO – if you have a website, that means you probably also have shownotes so this helps increase your search engine rankings 
  3. Not everyone listens to podcasts on a regular basis but if you have decent shownotes and they happen to stumble upon an episode that is intriguing then they may become a fan of yours and start tuning into your podcast directly from your website 
  4. Not only does not everyone listen to podcasts, think of the hearing impaired community, they may want to listen to your podcast but are are unable to so having a website with detailed shownotes will allow them to learn from you without having to tune into your podcast directly 

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