Hey savvies! Welcome back to another episode of Savvy Podcasting for Entrepreneurs. In today’s episode we’re chatting about if you should have transcripts for your podcast or not.

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So this episode is really for either people who are brand-spankin’ new to the podcasting world and haven’t yet launched or they have been podcasting for a little bit and haven’t utilized transcripts yet but want to know if it’s something they need to add going forward.

This is a question I get frequently in my Instagram DMs and on Clubhouse so I figured I would answer it here in an episode for those of you who are just podcast listeners but don’t follow me on other avenues.

So my short answer is yes, transcripts are so beneficial to your podcast, and let me share a couple of reasons why and a lot of these answers are pretty similar to what I said in episode 186 where I answered the question of “Do I really need a website?”

  1. Good for SEO – Including transcripts on your shownotes is beneficial for search engines since at this time, they don’t read your audio so having a word-for-word transcript of your episodes, gives your episodes that SEO boost.
  2. Makes your episodes easily accessible to those who can’t or don’t want to listen to podcasts but would benefit from your content. – Not everyone can or wants to listen to a podcast but they may be interested in checking out your transcript. 
  3. Makes it easier for you to repurpose content – I don’t know about you but I don’t have tons of time to be creating new content for every single platform that I’m on so being able to take my podcast transcripts and quickly turn them into a blog post, Clubhouse room, Instagram content, and more is super appealing to me so we make sure to transcribe every single episode for both this podcast and my client’s podcasts. 

So if you’re not already transcribing your podcast and putting it on your website, that is completely okay. It is not too late to start.

Start with your upcoming episodes and then work your way backward to transcribe your previous episodes over time so that you don’t completely overwhelm yourself trying to get them all done at once.

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