Hey savvies! Welcome back to another episode of Savvy Podcasting for Entrepreneurs. 

Last week we dealt with my son’s first-ever sickness after being in daycare for about 3 weeks. My son contracted RSV from one of his classmates and it was tough because I ended up getting sick too and I’m still a little congested as I record this so I apologize in advance for my sick voice. Lots of tears were shed (from all parties involved) and a major lack of sleep on all fronts but we all got through it. 

This is one of the core reasons why I batch my podcast episodes because, in the event that I or the whole family for that matter is down for the count, I still have podcast episodes ready to roll with no issues. If we’re being honest, I haven’t been as good about batching episodes as I used to be pre-baby (Remember when I used to only record 2x a year?) but I am really trying to be better about it for the second half of the year because things happen and it’s good to have episodes in the pipeline so I don’t have to skip a week of uploading a new episode due to my lack of preparedness. 

I always preach having episodes batched to my clients and students, so it’s time to start practicing what I preach again. 

Kind of fitting that this happened last week as the topic of this week’s episode is How to Start Treating Your Show Like a Business because a big part of treating your podcast like a business is not flying by the seat of your pants each and every week. 

Before we dive into the episode, I wanted to quickly mention my brand new freebie, all about podcast guesting from both the host side and also the guest side. 

I know that this is something people struggle with both being a guest and setting up their guest process so I wanted to give you guys the exact tools that you need to be a great guest and have a great guest experience as the host. 

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Let’s dive into the episode. 

Investing in decent equipment / your podcast in general – A lot of people start out only paying for their podcast host (or just using a free podcast host like Anchor) and maybe a microphone then don’t invest in any other podcast tools. This is totally fine when you’re just starting out and aren’t sure if starting a podcast is the right fit for you, but I think it’s important to make some investments like upgrading your equipment, creating a specific podcast website, investing in an editor or podcast manager, etc. once you’re ready to take your podcast to the next level. 

Being intentional about your content – This is something that I believe all podcasters should be doing from the get-go but that’s not always the case. I know I personally could have done a lot more intentional content planning before starting my first podcast, the Savvy Social Hour. I did have somewhat of a plan but it wasn’t something I integrated into my business very well at the time and I see a lot of people fall into this trap as well. They love their podcast and enjoy putting out new episodes each week but it’s not converting to leads or sales for them and they have no idea why. And the main reason that this is happening is because their podcast content doesn’t go hand in hand with their business so people aren’t connecting the two together and thus they aren’t taking the action that we want our listeners to take.

Batching – Y’all know I love batching and it’s the first thing I recommend to my clients when they’re struggling with keeping up with a consistent release schedule. So if you want to take your podcast seriously and really start treating it like a business, batching is one of the keys you need to make that possible. And with batching you don’t need to do anything too crazy. You can record once a month to start and then go from there. Once you get deep into batching, you’ll never want to go back to your old way of doing things because it just saves so much time in the long run. 

Now I want to hear from you. What (if any) of these things do you need to start implementing with your podcast? Head over to Instagram and shoot me a DM @jennysuneson so I can help hold you accountable for really starting to treat your show as a part of your business, not just a secondary thing.

And if you’re struggling with even knowing where to begin with podcasting, I can help. Head here and book your free call with me today. I can’t wait to hear from you! 

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