Hey savvies. Welcome back to another episode of the podcast. In today’s episode, we’re going to be chatting all about how to manage multiple podcasts. 

I know, I know you’re probably like wait hold up, I can barely manage one podcast, how the heck am I going to manage multiple? 

If you’re content with your one podcast and don’t plan on starting another that is totally fine but you may want to skip this episode if that’s the case. 

This episode is for my multi-passionate podcasters and any podcast managers out there that tune into this show. 

As you probably already know, keeping up with just one podcast is A LOT of work so if you want to keep up with multiple, especially if you’re not just managing podcasts for clients and are actually doing the recording and production process, then it is so crucial to have an extremely organized and streamlined process.

Have a content calendar (I use Airtable for this.) 

Utilize some type of project management system (true project management tool like ClickUp or Asana or something like Airtable) 

I just wanted to briefly pause this episode to tell you a little bit about the Profitable Podcast Workflow. 

As a podcast agency owner and someone who currently has two podcasts and is about to start a third in the next few months, I have created systems to help manage your podcast without the overwhelm. 

In the Profitable Podcast Workflow, I give you the exact tools you need to create a solid workflow that works for you and not against you. To grab the Profitable Podcast Workflow, head here today! 

Okay now back to the episode. 

Figure out a good batching schedule 

Outsource if you can 

So while keeping up with multiple podcasts may not be for everyone, it doesn’t have to be impossible either.

If you manage multiple podcasts (or plan to) I’d love to know your best tip for keeping it all together. Shoot me a DM at jennysuneson on Instagram and let me know. 

And if you’re struggling with even knowing where to begin with podcasting, I can help. Head here and book your free call with me today. I can’t wait to hear from you! 

Thanks so much for listening to today’s episode. You can find the show notes for this episode by going here.