Hey savvies! Welcome back to another episode of the podcast. I’m so happy you’re here. It’s been a couple of weeks since I put out an episode due to lots going on in my personal life but after I record this episode, I’m going to outline the episodes and record for the rest of 2021 so that there will be no excuses for me putting out new episodes. 

I’m looking forward to next year because I’m planning on sprinkling in more guest episodes as opposed to just my typical solo episodes that I did most of 2021. I always love having guests on the show but this year was just madness personally so I couldn’t make time to record with guests as much as I could in the past. 

With 2021 coming to a close, that means the holiday season is in full swing with Thanksgiving (for all you Americans listening) right around the corner and Christmas shortly after so I wanted to do an episode on preparing your podcast for the holidays. 

With the holidays comes busier schedules personally and professionally, so sometimes our podcast can get put on the back burner this time of year and I want to encourage you to not let that happen so let’s get into the episode. 

So how can we make sure that our podcast doesn’t take a backseat during the holidays? Let’s dive into the 3 ways to keep your podcast afloat during the holiday season. 

Plan Ahead // If we don’t have episodes already outlined and recorded, we’re less likely to actually release them when push comes to shove because it’s easier to just say “I’ll put out a new episode the following week” than it is to try and fit a recording into your already jam packed schedule. 

Run replays of your most popular episodes // If you don’t have the bandwidth to put out new episodes during the holiday season, another option is to do replays of top episodes from the past. You can just record a quick intro and then put them up on the podcast on your regularly scheduled days to give your listeners something during this time. 

Plan in breaks for Thanksgiving (if you’re American) and the week of and after Christmas // This will give you like 3 weeks of off time between November and the New Year to spend time with family, work on content planning for next year, etc. 

So I want to know, how do you plan your podcast for the holidays? Feel free to DM me on Instagram @jenny.suneson and let me know how you manage your podcast during the holidays.