Welcome back to today’s episode. This isn’t the most fun topic ever but it’s definitely one that needs to be talked about. 

We put so much time and effort into making our podcasts the very best for our listeners but sometimes we may decide that our podcast needs to come to an end. 

I want to share some of the reasons why it may be time to end your podcast and what to do to end on a high note. 

Later on, in this season, I’ll be doing another episode on what to do if you’re getting bored of your podcast so that you can mix it up instead of completely throwing in the towel but this episode is for people who have already tried revamping their show before and are still not feeling inspired by it anymore. 

So some reasons it may be time to end your podcast…

-Your business is moving in a completely different direction. 

-Your podcast just doesn’t bring you joy anymore.

-You’ve completely run out of topics for the podcast. 

How to End Your Podcast Journey on a High Note: 

-Do a final wrap-up episode. This will ensure that you don’t just ghost your listeners and that there’s closure to your show instead of podfading. 

-Keep your episodes available after the fact (either downgrade to your cheapest host plan or switch to Anchor).

-Don’t forget to tell your listeners where they can find you. – Let your listeners know where they connect with you now that your podcast has ended. 

That’s it for today’s episode. If you’re considering quitting your podcast, I’d love to chat with you and see if we can reframe your show and make it work on your terms before you officially decide to throw in the towel. Feel free to DM me on Instagram at jenny.suneson