Today I am chatting with Sara Motes. In this episode, we are going to talk about all things Pinterest and how you can use it to promote your podcast.

What We Discuss In This Episode:

  • Sara shares about herself and how she got started as a Pinterest strategist. 
  • She had always wanted to try freelancing so that is how she got started. 
  • Pinterest is a great tool for podcasts. 
  • What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a visual search engine and a repurposing platform.
  • Pinterest will help you reach more people and grow your audience. 
  • You can really build your authority and brand by showing up first in peoples’ search. 
  • 7 Best Practices for Designing High Converting Pins  
  • You want a 2X3 orientation – 1000 pixels X 1500 pixels
  • Keep your branding in mind. Don’t be so married to your branding that you are not willing to branch out at all. You need to stand out!
  • Make your pin attractive. 
  • Readable text is very important.  Make your font easy to read. 
  • Typically at the bottom of a pin, you need to have your domain name but remove the www from the link.
  • Your wording on the pin should be clear and concise. Use words and numbers that will attract the eye. 
  • Use original images on your pins when possible. Invest in some good photography.
  • Pins that show people’s faces don’t do as well on Pinterest. 
  • It is very normal to have multiple pin images for one URL. Start super simple!
  • Pinterest wants to see your business profile being used by a person. Get on once a week and pin posts from other accounts that will benefit your audience. 
  • Sara uses and recommends Tailwind for scheduling. 
  • If you have a podcast, you need a business account.
  • Use Pinterest trends in your analytics to find keyword phrases.
  • Sara shares her favorite podcasts.  

Guest Bio: 

Sara Motes is an enneagram 3, saved-by-grace girl who helps service-based businesses learn how to use Pinterest to get more email subs, website traffic, and dream clients.

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