Hey savvies. Welcome back to another episode of the podcast. I’m so happy you’re here. Today’s episode will be a quick one addressing the question of “Should I attend a podcast conference this year?”

And as usual, my answer to that is it really depends! 

Podcasting conferences can be extremely empowering and motivating if you’re feeling stuck with your podcast or even if you haven’t started yet. 

But sometimes conferences like this can cause overwhelm and inaction if we’re not careful. 

So I would think about a few things before deciding to pull the trigger on attending a podcast conference. 

  • What is your main goal in attending this conference? Are you just looking to network with fellow podcasters or are you truly there to learn? I think networking is a huge part of events like these but you can also pick up a lot of great nuggets from the presenters as well.
  • Do the benefits of attending outweigh the costs? – Going to a conference is going to cost some money with the plane ticket, hotel room, and the ticket to the event itself so think about if the benefits of attending outweigh the costs especially if your podcast isn’t quite a revenue generator yet and is more of a hobby.
  • Is this experience something that you can’t get anywhere else? – After thinking about those 3 questions really hard, then you will be able to better determine if attending a podcast conference is right for you. 

At this point, I have only attended podcast conferences virtually but I would love to attend one in person over the next few years and meet more people in the podcast industry face to face. 

To me, that’s where the real value is – in the networking. 

So I’d love to know, is it on your bucket list to attend a podcast conference? Hit me up in the DMs on Instagram at jenny.suneson and let me know your thoughts.