In today’s episode, we’re talking about the other side of things – guesting. On this show, we talk a lot about how you can maximize your own podcast but now I want to approach it from the guest side because it is such a great way to grow your own podcast and I think more people should be guesting on other podcasts so let’s dive in. 

Before we dive in, I did want to share my podcast guesting guide with you all that walks through a bit more in-depth how you can be a better podcast guest + even use some of these tactics to improve your own guest experience for your show. 

If you’re interested, you can sign up here. 

Alright, let’s get into the 4 ways to be a killer podcast guest

Show up on time and be prepared – As you’d want your guests to be prepared to come on your show, you should do the same for when you’re on the other side. 

Submit your headshot, bio, and other materials as soon as possible – Make the process as easy as possible on the host so as soon as you can provide them with these materials so that they don’t have to chase you down for them. 

Don’t be afraid to give away the farm – I know it can be scary to feel like you’re giving away too much for free but I encourage you to not hold back during the interview as hard as that may be because you’ll leave people thinking “wow if their free stuff is this jam-packed, I can’t imagine what their paid products are like.”

Don’t give too many calls to action during the interview – It can be easy to start spewing off a ton of URLs for your freebies and your social media in general but I encourage you to try and limit it to one URL for a freebie (if the host allows) and then your website + one social media channel. If you give them too many options, then they’ll be less likely to take action at all because you overwhelmed them.