Today I am chatting with Laura Bauder. Laura Bauder is a podcast strategist who niched down into show notes writing, content repurposing, and search engine optimization. In this episode, we are going to talk about how to optimize your shownotes for success. 

What We Discuss In This Episode:

  • Laura shares about herself and how she got started in the online space. She is a podcast strategist focused on content planning. 
  • She has been in the online space since January 2020 in some type of podcast role. 
  • A full transcript is important for accessibility purposes. You can get a transcript with Otter or Descript. 
  • Having a blog post that goes along with the episode on your website helps people to find you on Google or whatever search engine they are using. 
  • Having a website off the host of your podcast gives you additional control. The hosting site can be a good starting point. 
  • The key to getting more listeners and engagement is being on multiple platforms.  You don’t have to be all the places but you need to be where your ideal customers are. 
  • In the shownotes, you want to hit the highlights but it doesn’t have to be super long. You should include images, keywords, and calls to action. 
  • When she is writing blog-style shownotes she has the transcript up in front of her. 
  • We do speak differently than we write. When we speak there are natural filler words that pop in and different phrasing that we use. 
  • She goes through and picks out the most important things. She keeps the gest of the conversation but doesn’t always include all the side conversations and stories that aren’t relevant to the overall message of the episode. 
  • She uses Descript to pull her transcripts but with anything, there are certain words in specific industries that they don’t always pick up correctly. 
  • She doesn’t typically listen to the entire episode but she does listen to sections to make sure she is getting things as accurate as possible. 
  • Make sure there are keywords in the title of your blog post and in your headings. The headings follow along with the questions asked in the interview. 
  • Headings help to visually break up the text and they are also really important for SEO. 
  • It doesn’t hurt to include time stamps especially if the player is embedded on the site.
  • Laura shares her favorite podcasts.  


Guest Bio: 

Laura Bauder is a podcast strategist who niched down into show notes writing, content repurposing, and search engine optimization. She helps podcasters to grow their audiences and make a bigger impact through searchable, accessible, community-building content.


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