Hey savvies! Welcome back to another episode of the podcast. I’m so excited that you’re here. In today’s episode, we’re talking about how to use your podcast to book more clients. 

Most of you listening are entrepreneurs in some way whether you’re a service provider, coach, or course creator so we don’t want our podcast to just be a dumping ground for free content. We want to have a purpose behind our podcast episodes and make sure that we’re using each episode strategically to drive our listeners to take the next step in our funnel. The next step in our funnel can be a variety of things depending on your customer journey but in this episode, we’re specifically focusing on turning this podcast listener into a paid client or customer. 


Now let’s dive into the ways that I like to use my podcast to turn my listeners into paying clients. 


  1. Focus on providing tons of excellent free value – As a podcaster, I’m sure you are already doing this, but I figured that I would mention it anyway. If your free content is full of fluff and not actionable, then people are going to be turned off by this and won’t invest in anything paid you have to offer. They might even just completely unsubscribe. 


  1. Share relevant freebies in each episode to get them on my email list so that I can continue to nurture them – One of my favorite ways to continue to warm up my listeners and bring them closer to becoming a paid client or customer is by offering them a super solid freebie in exchange for their email address. 


  1. Share self-hosted ads leading people to your products/services – A great way to get people into your paid programs and working with you via DFY services is by telling people that they exist. We think our audience knows exactly what we have to offer but that isn’t always the case so sometimes you have got to spell it out for them otherwise you may be missing out on your dream client or customer. 


Okay, that’s it for today’s episode. If you want to check out the shownotes for this episode go to savvypodcastingforentrepreneurs.com – I’ll see you in the next episode.