Hey savvies! Welcome back to another episode. In today’s episode, we’re talking about podcast sponsorship do’s and don’ts. We’re not going to be diving into how to find sponsorships, what to charge, etc. that’ll be covered in another episode, these will just be things you should and shouldn’t do when seeking a sponsor for your podcast. 


-Work with brands who you are aligned with and enjoy their product/service 

-Ask for what you deserve + don’t let companies lowball you 

-Be creative with your ad reading (within reason) 

-Seek out sponsors on your own if you have decent downloads 


-Accept a sponsorship opportunity without trying the product/service first 

-Take on a sponsor just because they pay well 

-Rely on sponsorship websites like Podcorn because they usually pay pennies even if you have great downloads 

So I’d love to know, do you have sponsors on your podcast? If so, how did you find them – via a podcast advertising website or did you look for them externally? Head over to @podcastingforentrepreneurs and let us know.