I feel like sometimes we forget that our podcast is a part of our marketing funnel so it can be easy to leave your podcast out of the equation when preparing for your upcoming launch so I want to provide you with some quick and easy ways to actually use your podcast strategically during the launch process. 

Center your episodes during the launch about things people would need to know BEFORE working with you – You want your episodes during your launch period to be prequalifiers for your upcoming product or service. This will prep your potential customers and inform them on everything they need to know before they pull out their credit card and buy your product or invest in DFY services. 

Use self-hosted ad segments to funnel people to your waitlist – Although I am a huge proponent of promoting mostly free offers on your show, if you’ve been providing your audience with amazing value, there’s nothing wrong with funneling people to your waitlist. Usually, waitlists get early access, some sort of discount, or both so keep that in mind but this is a great way to get your listeners further in your funnel and potentially become a buyer of yours. 

So I’d love to know, have you used your podcast to promote a product/service launch before? What tactic worked best for you? Head on over to @podcastingforentrepreneurs on Instagram and let’s chat.