Hey there. Welcome back to the podcast. I’m so happy that you’re joining us today. In this episode, we’re addressing the frequently asked question of “Do I need to have a weekly podcast to be successful?”

As a podcast manager, I am a huge proponent of consistency and think it’s key for my clients to be putting out episodes on a regular basis.

However, that doesn’t mean that your version of consistently releasing episodes needs to be weekly. I think bi-weekly releases are a great option as well if you can’t commit to releasing every week. 

So if you only have the bandwidth to do 2 episodes a month, then that’s totally fine. I don’t recommend going down to only once per month though because it’s not worth it to have a podcast if you’re only going to release one episode per month. 

Now, I’d love to know how often are you putting out new episodes of your show. Hit me up over on Instagram at podcastingforentrepreneurs. I’d love to hear from you. 

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