So if you’re a completely solo show and don’t plan to ever have guests on your podcast, then you can just skip this episode, but if you currently have guests or are planning to bring them on in the future, then listen in. 

So I don’t really think there’s a right or wrong answer here. But, I do think it is important to at least have one solo episode per month. Sure, you can showcase your expertise in guest episodes but the real magic is in your solo episodes because you want to let your guests shine in their episodes and not try to be the star of the show there. 

So as long as you’re able to have at least one solo episode per month, you can do as many guest episodes as you please. 

I like to do one guest, one solo, one guest, and one solo for a mixed guest/solo show. 

For this show, I only do a couple of guests per quarter but I used to do every other episode in the past. 

So whatever feels best for you and you can truly commit to, do that. 

You always want your podcast to be a fun place that you want to show up for each and every week so I always advise you to do what feels good for you and makes you feel completely lit up by your show. 

Now tell me, how often do you have guests on your show? Send me a DM over on @podcastingforentrepreneurs and let’s chat about it. It’s always great hearing from you guys and getting a better idea of who’s actually tuning into the show.