In today’s episode we’re talking all about how to create high quality podcast episodes without the overwhelm…and these ideas might be different than you think. 

I am a huge proponent of consistency but I think quality episodes are much more important than a high quantity of episodes. 

It’s so much better to be putting out one really good episode per week than trying to do 3 subpar episodes per week. 

Put out less content – In busy seasons of our business, it may just be best to drop down from weekly episodes to bi-weekly for the time being until you can get back to weekly episodes. I’d much rather you put out 2 super high quality episodes per month than 4 mediocre ones. 

Utilize batching – Batching is another great way to get in the groove of things and pump out some really amazing episodes without feeling like you’re drowning in content creation. It really allows you to focus on that one task at hand (aka writing scripts, recording, etc) so you’re not constantly switching between podcast tasks and other tasks. 

Implement seasons – Another great way to quit feeling like you’re on the constant content creation hamster wheel is to start doing seasons. This is where you’ll release weekly for 12-15 weeks and then take a month or two off in between seasons to get ahead on recording and take a break from releasing new episodes. 

Ask your audience – It is super important for your episodes to appeal to your audience so why don’t you ask them what they want to hear from you? I did a whole episode on listener surveys so make sure to go check that one out if you haven’t already. 

So I’d love to know, what are you doing with your podcast to make sure that you’re consistently putting out high quality episodes? Let me know over on Instagram @podcastingforentrepreneurs