Ready to start creating emails that convert your listeners into buyers? Then you won’t want to miss this episode.

What We Discuss In This Episode:

  • Liz shares about herself and how she got started in the online space. 
  • The many benefits of email marketing  
  • How to make a personal connection with your email list
  • Showing you are invested and relatable and staying top of mind is going to get so many more downloads for you and build that community.
  • Set expectations in the welcome sequence. Be the hype man you wish that you had.
  • Give three points of intrigue about the episode. 
  • The easiest way for a podcast host to build an email list is to create your own sponsored ads for your freebie. 
  • Link sharing with other collaborators is a great way to grow your email list. 
  • Anybody who is serious about business is building an email list.
  • Liz shares about her email marketing membership. 
  • Just send one email at a time and get that welcome sequence solid. 
  • Liz shares her favorite podcasts.  

Guest Bio: 

The Fresh Princess of Email Marketing, Liz Wilcox is an Email Strategist and Keynote Speaker showing small businesses how to build online relationships, package up their “magic” and turn it into emails that people want to read and (more importantly) purchase from.

In the span of 5 years, Liz grew and sold a successful blog, got bought out of her second company, and built the third into a multiple six-figure party that just won’t quit! In other words, she now teaches online entrepreneurs to simplify the whole “email marketing thing” and finally master their sales in a way that leverages their personality, vision, and values.

She’s best known for her 1000+ users membership, 20 Minute Newsletter technique, and her Email Staircase framework she’s taught to tens of thousands of creatives, freelancers, ecommerce shop owners, and small businesses across the globe.

Offline, Liz lives in Florida, loves to run, and is a walking 90s pop culture encyclopedia.

Links Mentioned: 

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