In this episode, we’re diving into how to use transcripts to uplevel your podcast. 

I always see people asking if transcripts are worth it so I figured that would be the perfect topic to cover on the podcast today. 

What are transcripts?

Transcripts are a document that lays out, word-for-word, what was spoken during your podcast episode. 

When I first started my podcast back in 2018, I didn’t really think too much about transcripts aside from them being useful to have but I didn’t really know why they were so useful. 

Since pivoting to podcast management, I have learned a lot more about transcripts and their benefits so I wanted to share some of those with you. 

Benefits of transcripts 

Helps you write better shownotes (and a lot quicker) // When you pop your audio into a transcription tool, it’s so much easier to write shownotes because you can use the exact transcript and don’t have to hang on to every single word trying to write it down by just listening. 

Good for SEO // Obviously the SEO benefits are so important. 

Caters to people who want to learn what you have to offer but don’t enjoy listening // Not everyone is a podcast fan, so having transcripts allows them to read instead of listen. Meeting people where they’re at is key because you will have more traction on your content that way. 

Important to have for people with certain disabilities that can’t listen to your show // People who are hard of hearing or deaf may want to learn from you, but are unable to listen to podcasts without things like transcripts or long form blog posts so providing them with this option is a win win all around. 

Best tools for creating transcripts // They do have a pretty basic free plan, but if you’re frequently uploading your podcast episodes, then you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan. 

Descript // I feel like Descript is a tad more accurate than Otter so I prefer to use it. 

Okay that is it for today’s episode. I would love to know. Do you currently use transcripts for your podcast? Either to assist with writing shownotes or putting them directly on your website? I’d love to hear from you on Instagram. 

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