If you’ve been a listener of this show for a bit, you’ve probably heard similar episodes where I have shared all the tools you needed to launch your podcast and while today’s episode is similar, I am really getting scrappy here and only sharing 6 things you need to launch your podcast because I feel like the longer the “need to have” list is, the less likely people are to actually do it. 

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  1. Microphone – I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, you don’t need a super fancy mic when you’re first starting out.
  2. Headphones – These don’t need to be anything fancy. You can just use your Apple earbuds if you’d like. In my opinion, the microphone is the most important of the two.

  3. Juicy content ideas – You can’t have a podcast without content – especially good content. I recommend having a slew of ideas ready to go before you even launch so that you can just map out the episodes instead of having to brainstorm new topics each and every week.

  4. Podcast Host – You’ll need a podcast host to syndicate your episodes to the top podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

  5. The right mindset – Mindset is huge when it comes to podcasting and most people don’t realize how much it actually comes into play until they start crafting their episodes.

  6. Editing software – If you’re planning on editing your show yourself, you will need to have editing software. I love and use Descript and I think it’s great for beginning editors since you can edit by deleting the words versus just by the waveform. 

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