It’s been awhile since I did a replay episode on the show and with summer right around the corner, I figured now would be the perfect time to rerun this episode about taking time off from your show without losing your listeners.

The summer is a perfect time to take a break as lots of others are in the same boat and taking it a bit slower too so if you’re ready to take a break for the summer, make sure to tune into today’s episode.

I know in most people’s businesses, the summer is a lot slower than the rest of the year. That definitely rings true for me and my agency. Your listeners are likely taking time off and enjoying the summer so you’re probably wondering if putting out episodes during this time is even worth it. 

Now, I’ve personally never taken a summer hiatus from my show but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible to do. 

Now let’s dive into some easy things you can do so that you can take time off without losing listeners. 

Let your listeners know well in advance that you’ll be taking the summer off – I think this is something that people often forget whether they’re breaking for the summer or even just taking a quick break in-between seasons. You don’t want to completely ghost your listeners for the entire summer so let them know in advance what your plans are. You deserve time off 100% but just make sure to communicate that otherwise, you’ll leave your listeners feeling disappointed. 

Re-run replay episodes – A great way to minimize the work on your end and keep your listeners happy is by running some replay episodes on your show. This will be pretty low effort on your end and you don’t have to put out a new replay episode every week. You can just run a couple throughout the summer. 

Drop down to bi-weekly episodes – If you don’t want to completely stop doing episodes and aren’t too interested in running replay episodes, I recommend dropping down to putting out episodes every other week in the summer to still be able to give your listeners something new without burning you out. 

Put together a best of episode to hold your listeners over – Another thing you can do is put together a best of episode that releases midway through your break as a fun surprise for your listeners. They won’t be expecting it from you so it’ll be a nice bonus while you’re off enjoying your summer. 

So I’d love to know, have you ever taken the summer off from releasing new episodes or plan to do that this summer? Head on over to our Instagram @podcastingforentrepreneurs and let me know! 

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