Hey savvies! Welcome back to another episode of the podcast. I’m so happy that you’re here. In today’s episode, we’re diving into 4 signs it’s time to hire a podcast manager. 

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You’re struggling to keep up with the workload //

When you first started your show, you might have had the time and energy to keep up with everything on your own, but as your business grows, you likely have less time to commit to the backend production tasks and will need some help with at the very minimum editing or maybe even outsourcing the entire process aside from recording. 

Bringing on a podcast manager can help you with both the pre and post production process so that you can focus on other things like actually recording your episodes. 

You’re ready to take your editing to the next level //

When a lot of podcasters are first starting out, they either take on the editing themselves or hire an inexpensive editor from Fiverr but eventually, you might want to elevate your editing even more. That’s where a podcast manager comes in because they are able to take a holistic look at your entire podcast strategy and help you with not only the editing but also all the other moving parts. This also comes into play with the audio editing because they know just what clips to pull from the episode because they are deeply connected to you and your business. 

You’re not marketing your new episodes each week //

If you are struggling to market your show each week because you are too busy, then it might be time to bring on some help. One of the biggest reasons why a podcast’s listenership begins to plateau is because the host isn’t marketing their show on a consistent enough basis to bring in new listeners. 

It’s not enough to just put out new episodes and never talk about them. You need to be marketing them as well. If Instagram isn’t your thing, that’s okay but you need to be sharing about your episodes somewhere. A podcast manager can help you with marketing your show so you don’t have to worry about it at all. 

You want to start monetizing your podcast but don’t know how //

Many people start a podcast with the end game goal being monetization of some sort but they don’t know how to make that happen. A podcast manager can help you grow your podcast downloads to the point where you can start monetizing your show with external advertisements and other endeavors. 

However, you can start monetizing your podcast from day one by promoting your own products and services on the show so keep that in mind that you don’t need to wait until you hit a certain download threshold to start making money from your podcast. 

I’d love to know, have you hired a podcast manager yet? Let me know over on Instagram @podcastingforentrepreneurs. I always love hearing from you.

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