Hey savvies! Welcome back to another episode of the podcast. In today’s episode, we’re diving into 3 mistakes to avoid in your next podcast episode. 

I know so many of us want to podcast the “right way” but in my opinion, there’s really not one right way to go about things, but I will tell you, these 3 mistakes that you’re about to hear are ones you don’t want to be making if you can help it. 

Mistake #1: Going on too much of a tangent before you actually get into the content of the episode 

I think that some people can get away with this if they’ve been podcasting for years and really built up an audience for their show but most of the time, if you’re frequently doing this you may be turning off your listeners. 

Mistake #2: Not including a relevant CTA in each episode

This is such a huge mistake that I see so many podcasters making because they are afraid of being seen as too salesy to their audience. But honestly, not including a CTA in your episode is doing both yourself and your audience a disservice. 

Mistake #3: You are not taking your listeners’ feedback to heart  

Your listeners are the reason why you have your podcast in the first place so listen to their feedback, just trust me. 

I hope you enjoyed this episode about 3 mistakes to avoid in your next podcast episode. I’d love to know, are you currently making any of these mistakes or have you made any of these mistakes in the past? Let me know over on Instagram @savvypodcaststudio. I always love hearing from you.