In this episode, I’m sharing my 2024 podcast predictions. Hit play and learn more about what I’m thinking might be possible for podcasting in 2024.

2024 Podcast Predictions

  • More people will start podcasts in 2024 because the barrier to entry is lower than before 

With AI really coming in hot early last year, the post production process for a podcast is much easier than it was before. Now, I am going to preface this with saying that AI tools are nowhere near perfect at this point and always requires quite a bit of tweaking to get your final product, but it does give you a starting point which drastically reduces the barrier to entry.

  • Video podcasts will continue to grow in popularity 

Video has been on the rise for a number of years in general but I definitely think more people will be putting effort into producing video content from their podcasts so that they can take advantage of YouTube’s search capability for videos, shorts, etc.

  • AI isn’t going anywhere and will continue to get better and assist us with creating wow-worthy podcasts

I’m not going to lie, last year I spent half of the year hating AI because I felt like it blindsided me and took away some of my clients who thought they could use AI and do it all themselves and didn’t have a need for a podcast producer anymore. 

Around June or July, I knew I had to get my head out of the sand and start leaning into AI a little bit more and seeing what it’s all about. That doesn’t mean that I completely let AI take the reins though. I think the human touch is very much still necessary with all AI tools and will be for a while so I’m not as afraid of losing everything I worked for because I will keep pivoting and adapting as AI gets better.

  • People will stop focusing on downloads as the be all, end all metric 

While measuring your downloads is important, I think people will finally start to realize that there are other success metrics when it comes to podcasts. Some that are much more telling than download numbers. 

  • Analytics improvements 

Podcast analytics have been pretty basic for years now so this is more of a hope than a true prediction, but I’d love to see some analytics improvements from podcast hosts so we can have access to more data to be able to make better decisions with our shows. 

I would love to know, what are your podcast predictions for 2024? Let us know over on Instagram @savvypodcasting. See you in the next episode!