In today’s episode, we’re diving into podcast SEO, specifically 5 places you need to put keywords when it comes to your podcast.

Podcast SEO – Your Podcast as a Whole

Podcast Title //

Your podcast title should contain relevant keywords about your show. 

For example, this show’s title has – Podcasting Tips for Entrepreneurs after the official podcast name so if someone is searching podcasting tips in Spotify, Apple, or any other podcast listening platform, my show is more likely to appear in the search results. 

This can even help it appear in Google and Bing searches as well but the main reason I recommend this is so that your show can appear in search results within podcasting platforms. 

Podcast Description //

Another great place to put keywords is in your podcast description. You can weave your keywords organically into your podcast descriptions. 

Artist/Host Name //

Another place to include keywords is within your Artist name. Of course, you want it to include your name here but I also like to include keywords here too. 

For example, this show says “Jenny Suneson | Podcast Manager” and my other podcast Moms Make Money says “Jenny Suneson | Business Coach for Moms” 

Before we go any further, I want to reiterate that we shouldn’t be keyword stuffing in any of these places. That can lead to negative results so just include them where it makes sense and don’t go overboard. 

Podcast SEO – Your Episodes

Episode Title //

Your episode titles should be keyword rich so that they are searchable both within the podcast app and on other search engines. Always go with clear over creative and clever when it comes to titles. 

Episode Description //

Another place to include your episode specific keywords is in your episode description. These need to be organically weaved into the sentences and within your key points section not just stuffed at the end to try and fit them in. 

I would love to know, are you implementing SEO for your podcast as a whole and within your episodes? Let me know over on Instagram @savvypodcasting. I would love to hear from you. I will see you in the next episode. 

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